FREE Chinese Audio Files

FREE Chinese Audio Files

Readers can download the files using a password located in each book.  The password is just a normal word in the text that we have picked.  Check the table below for your book, your password, and your link to the audio files.  Once you have the password head to the right web page, enter the password, and download your files.

MP3 files of all Capturing Chinese books are available for download here, free of charge for all our customers.

Listening to the stories will reinforce your learning of the Chinese in a fun and easy way.

Having trouble with downloading.  Contact us directly instead, at Contact the Publisher or Contact the Author.

Which book do you have? Password Link

Lu Xun, Nahan, Capturing Chinese

The last (English) word on page 254 (footnote 139) Capturing Chinese: Short Stories From Lu Xun’s Nahan Audio Page

Real Story of Ah Q, Lu Xun, Capturing Chinese

The last (English) word on page 143 (footnote 44) Capturing Chinese: Lu Xun’s The Real Story of Ah Q Audio Page
The New Year's Sacrifice by Lu Xun The last (English) word on page 38 (footnote 686)

Kindle Ebook :

The last (English) word in definition 686

Capturing Chinese: The New Year’s Sacrifice Audio Page
chinese stories, chinese literature, lu xun, zhu ziqing, hu shi, lin yutang, zhou zuoren The last (English) word on page 154 (footnote 250) Capturing Chinese Stories: Prose and Poems by Revolutionary Authors
Advanced chinese, chinese stories, chinese reader, intermediate chinese The last (English) word on page 230 (footnote 372) Chinese Short Stories by Revolutionary Authors (Capturing Chinese)

About the Speakers

Male SpeakerMale Voice:

Zhang laoshi was born in June of 1982 in Inner Mongolia. Zhang laoshi specialized in broadcasting and the teaching of Mandarin Chinese while studying at university in Beijing. He currently works as a radio broadcaster and as a teacher of Chinese.

Preview a sample from “Kong Yiji”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Female Speaker

Female Voice:

Wang laoshi was born in 1966 in Henan and is now an associate professor in Beijing. She specializes in Chinese language and literature. Wang laoshi has a masters degree in Chinese modern and contemporary literature, and a doctor’s degree in literature by the minority groups of China.

Preview a sample from “A Village Opera”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Please feel free to contact the speakers using this form.

Get Your FREE Sample Chapter

Don’t take our word for it.  Take yours.  Download a FREE sample of “A Small Incident.”

Capturing Chinese Short Stories From Lu Xuns Nahan - Sample
Enjoy this free sample of Capturing Chinese Short Stories From Lu Xun's Nahan. Don't take our word that it's great, check it out for yourself. Audio files are also included!

Enjoy and 加油!

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    8 Responses to FREE Chinese Audio Files

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    3. Pani says:

      I stayed in China for three years and can speak little chinese. but listening comprehension is very week. Can you suggest some stories both in written text and audio so that i can improve my listening…?pls tell us some free text lessons and corresponding audios…

    4. admin says:

      Hi Pani,

      Thanks for your comment. The audio files are free at Capturing Chinese with the purchase of one of our books. The audio files add up to hours and hours of listening time. Why don’t you download the sample and see what you think? You can sign up for the sample on our homepage:

      Keep up your Chinese! 加油!


    5. theofanis theofanous says:

      i just downloaded the free sample and i am so excited!!! i will purchase it from amazon next week when i will go back to Cyprus (i am in China now). It’s really a great work. The accompanied audio, the way you put the original text, the selected characters (not all) for translation and the way you present the pinyin so it will attract the eye is exactly what i was looking for ages…AMAZING

    6. admin says:

      Thank you! I always appreciate comments from fans. Please let me know what you think of the books when you get them. Enjoy!

    7. Augustus says:

      When will the free audio files for “Prose and Poems by Revolutionary Chinese Authors” be up? I got the book a few days ago and I was expecting these audio files to be up already…

    8. admin says:


      I am terribly sorry for the delay. However, I am happy to report we are wrapping them up now and expect to have them posted on January 14th.



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