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    All of our books come with the original Chinese text in simplified characters, pinyin, detailed footnotes of difficult vocabulary, historical places and people, and obscure references, illustrations, and audio files. Download our catalog of books here: The Capturing Chinese Catalog

    Capturing Chinese: Short Stories from Lu Xun’s Nahan

    Lu Xun’s Nahan: Preface, Diary of a Madman, Kong Yiji, Medicine, Tomorrow, A Small Incident, A Story About Hair, A Passing Storm, Hometown, Dragonboat Festival, The White Light, Some Rabbits and a Cat, A Comedy of Ducks, Village Opera

    Pinyin for the entire text 14 Illustrations, one for each story 348 pages ISBN: 978-0-9842762-0-2 Price: $28.88

    Lu Xun, Nahan, Capturing Chinese
    Capturing Chinese: Lu Xun’s The Real Story of Ah QLu Xun’s The Real Story of Ah Q in simplified characters Pinyin for the entire text 19 Illustrations 206 pages ISBN: 978-0-9842762-1-9 Price: $18.88 Real Story of Ah Q, Lu Xun, Capturing Chinese
    Capturing Chinese: Lu Xun’s The New Year’s SacrificeLu Xun’s The New Year’s Sacrifice in simplified characters Pinyin for the entire text English translation 3 Illustrations 104 pages ISBN: 978-0-9842762-2-6 Price: $11.88 The New Year's Sacrifice by Lu Xun
    Capturing Chinese Stories: Prose and Poems from Revolutionary Chinese AuthorsZhu Ziqing: Haste, Spring, The Silhouette of His Back, The Moonlit Lotus Pond, The White Man -- God’s Proud Son and Thinking of Mr. Wei Woqing Lu Xun: Excerpts from Wild Grass: Epigraph, Autumn Night, Hope, and The Evolution of the Male Sex Hu Shi: Mr. Almost Man, My Mother, and In Memory of Zhimo Lin Yutang: My Turn at Quitting Smoking Zhou Zuoren: The Aging of Ghosts ISBN: 978-0-9842762-3-3 Price: $21.88 Capturing Chinese, Famous Chinese Authors, Chinese Essays
    Chinese Short Stories by Revolutionary Authors (An Advanced Capturing Chinese Reader)Yu Dafu’s Sinking Mao Dun’s Silkworms Lao She’s An Old and Established Name Ling Shuhua’s The Night of Mid-Autumn Festival Lai He’s The Steelyard Shen Congwen’s Xiaoxiao ISBN: 978-0-9842762-4-0 Price: $28.88 (Now Out!!) Advanced chinese, chinese stories, chinese reader, intermediate chinese
    Capturing Chinese: Short Stories from Famous Chinese Authors Vol II.Ding Ling’s When I was in Xia Village Ye Sheng Tao’s Mr.Pan in Difficulty She Zhecun’s One Evening in the Rainy Season Wu Zhuoliu’s The Doctor’s Mother Wu Zuxiang’s Young Master Gets his Tonic Zhang Ailing’s Sealed Off ISBN: 978-0-9842762-5-7 Price: $28.88 (On Hold) Capturing Chinese, Chinese Short stories, modern Chinese literature, Chinese textbooks

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