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    Reading Chinese Literature

    Our mission is to collect some of the best Chinese literature on this website for our readers to peruse and enjoy.  Reading Chinese literature is the ultimate goal for many Chinese students, but which stories do you start with?  We are collecting some of the best literature and providing them here in PDF format for our readers.  We are continuing to expand our series of Capturing Chinese and are working on our fifth book currently with others planned.  If you have a favorite story that you would like us to include please contact the author here.

    Revolutionary Literature

    Lu Xun

    Lu Xun is often branded as the "Father of Modern Chinese Literature".  Some of his most famous short stories are listed below.


    Ah Q: The Real Story

    Other Works:

    Zhu Ziqing (朱自清)

    Zhang Ailing (张爱玲)

    Hu Shi (胡适)

    Zhou Zuoren (周作人)

    Lin Yutang (林语堂)

    Yu Dafu (郁达夫)

    Mao Dun (矛盾)

    Ye Shengtao (叶圣陶)

    Lao She (老舍)

    Ding Ling (丁玲)

    Lai He (賴和)

    Ling Shuhua (凌叔华)

    She Zhencun (施蛰存)

    Shen Congwen (沈从文)

    Wu Zhuoli (吳濁流)

    Wu Zuxiang (吴组缃)