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    Torch Ring - A Powerful LED Light For Running & The Outdoors

    Capturing Chinese is now more than 10 years old, which is amazing. We keep this webpage alive so that people can continue to download the free audio files and have access to our ebooks no matter where you are in the world. We used to live in China and so know printed books can be hard to come by. 

    My wife and I are running enthusiasts and the founders and creators of Runbell (www.Run-Bell.com). We have just launched a brand new product, Torch Ring, that is currently live on Kickstarter. 

    We know most of the readers of this blog come for our Capturing Chinese series of books, but this running light is versatile and handy for dog walkers, hikers, and even for simple walks around town especially in the dark winter months. 

    Our concept is to marry the best of headlamps and flashlights into a compact and powerful light. The Torch Ring has grip free convenience like headlamps and also has the versatility of a flashlight. The light emits a maximum of 350 lumens that lasts for hours. The USB type C charger allows you to quickly top off the battery for your next outing. 

    You wear Torch Ring on your fingers just like a championship ring. 

    Wear Torch Ring like a championship ring

    Use Torch Ring on forest trails at night to see the trail ahead as well as light up surrounding wildlife. 

    Torch Ring on Forest Trails at Night

     Take a look and join us in this new adventure!

    Torch Ring Uses and Style



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