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    Have a question? Take a look at these FAQ or drop us a line via the contact form.

    What format are the ebooks?

    All of our ebooks are in PDF format. We chose this format because of the way our books are organized. One page of Capturing Chinese has the Chinese text as well as difficult words defined at the bottom of the page. The Capturing Chinese format was too difficult for us to adapt to other ebook formats such as Kindle and ePub. We do have one of our books on the Kindle store: The New Year's Sacrifice, but direct purchases from our website are the better deal. 

    Do you sell hard copies of Capturing Chinese?

    We have a limited number of printed copies of our books. Please order from us, Amazon or your favorite online bookshop.


    Are the audio files still free with hard copy purchases?

    Yes, the audio files are included with hard copy purchases as well as all ebook purchases. The audio files are automatically bundled with ebook purchases. To download your free copy of the audio files, use the discount code shown on the audio books product page. The discount code can be applied only to your version of Capturing Chinese. The discount is worth the cost of the audio files making your purchase free.