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    Our mission at Capturing Chinese is to provide a copious amount of reading material for the intermediate to advanced Chinese student so that she can become more familiar and more comfortable reading original Chinese literature.  Only through practice can a student make the leap between reading Chinese textbooks and reading Chinese novels and short stories.  The type of Chinese textbooks that we provide are not similar to what you normally see in a classroom.  We provide all the material that you need to comfortably read Chinese stories.  And with this practice, the reader will find herself confident and comfortable enough to tackle novels, newspapers, and magazine articles on her own. Capturing Chinese Publications publishes the best Chinese textbooks for students of Chinese looking to read real Chinese literature.  Many Chinese textbooks already help students read short passages, learn grammar, and increase vocabulary, but the distinction between a true advanced learner of the language and an intermediate student is the ability to read Chinese literature. The Chinese literature that we use in our Chinese textbooks is some of the best of modern Chinese literature.  Our first editions have used the famous Chinese short stories of Lu Xun, known throughout China as the “Father of Modern Chinese Literature.” Whether your goal is to learn Chinese culture and history or to do business in modern China, a grasp of these Chinese stories will increase your understanding of the country. Our next Chinese textbook will be offered in early March and is called Capturing Chinese: Lu Xun's New Year's Sacrifice.  This third book of Lu Xun will wrap up our collection of Chinese short stories by Lu Xun.  Next, we will be publishing other famous Chinese authors such as Eileen Chang, Lao She, Zhu Ziqing, Mao Dun, and many others.  We will be publishing a few more Chinese textbooks throughout 2011.  We will be publishing one collection of famous Chinese essays and two collections of famous Chinese short stories.  To get an idea of which stories we will be using, follow our RSS thread for our weekly postings of Chinese short stories.  Many of the stories from our Learn Chinese through Stories series will be used in our upcoming Chinese textbooks.

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    [wp_eStore_free_download_ajax_fancy id=22] Here is a preliminary outline of our next three Chinese textbooks to look forward to in 2011: Capturing Chinese: Essays from the Best Modern Chinese Authors Lu Xun Zhou Zuoren Zhu Ziqing Hu Shi Lin Yutang Capturing Chinese Short Stories from the Best Modern Chinese Authors Vol. I Lao She Ling Shuhua Mao Dun Ye Shengtao Yu Dafu Shen Congwen Capturing Chinese Short Stories from the Best Modern Chinese Authors Vol. II Ding Ling Lai Ho (Lai He) She Zhecun Wu Zhuoliu Wu Zuxiang Xiao Hong Zhang Ailing (Eileen Chang)