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    Capturing Chinese — Uncategorized

    Video on Lu Xun's Medicine

    Medicine is one of Lu Xun's most famous stories.  A story about parents trying to save their son from tuberculosis.  They go to extreme lengths looking for a cure and spend a hefty sum of silver in the process.  It's a sad story but a great one.  Find the Chinese text on this website or follow along in your copy of Capturing Chinese: Short Stories from Lu Xun's Nahan.  Watching these videos while reading along is excellent practice.  Enjoy.

    Kong Yiji Jiulou 孔乙己酒楼

    Going back on one of my favorite stories in Lu Xun's Nahan: Kong Yiji.  A restaurant sprang up in Beijing called Kong Yiji Jiulou in honor of Lu Xun's famous character.  The restaurant is located in Beijing's beautiful Houhai (后海)and has some more unusual dishes such as drunken shrimp, which are shrimp still alive in a bowl of wine.  Try it and let me know how it tastes.  =P Address Desheng Men Nei Dajie 海淀区航天桥东南角航天科技大厦1层(试验小学旁)) (next to the octagonal Teahouse of Family Fu on the northwest bank of Hou Hai), Back Lakes & Dong Cheng 010-6618-4917 Frommer's Review of the place

    Early Praise for Book

    "As reading material for the students who are learning Chinese and interested in Chinese literature and culture, your book is amazing and special!" - Liu Liping, Chinese Professor at Columbia and former professor at Beijing Language University

    Captured a wife

    I'm happy to announce the author of Capturing Chinese has captured himself a wife! [caption id="attachment_182" align="aligncenter" width="216" caption="Just captured myself a wife"]Just captured myself a wife[/caption]