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    Capturing Chinese — Capturing Chinese

    Almost Out! Capturing Chinese Stories: Prose and Poems by Revolutionary Chinese Authors

    The next book in the Capturing Chinese series is almost out!  We are reading over the final draft of the book before shipping it off for publication.  This book takes a departure from the previous books in our series in that we have used five different Chinese authors.  They are: Lu Xun, Zhu Ziqing, Hu Shi, Zhou Zuoren, and Lin Yutang. We have picked some of the most influential pieces of literature from these five authors and formed a collection of Chinese stories called "Capturing Chinese Stories: Prose and Poems by Revolutionary Chinese Authors". Each one of these authors has played an instrumental role in China and having a grasp of them and their work will lead insight into China's past and present.  Learning Chinese through literature is the backbone of the Capturing Chinese philosophy.  As always, each story includes a short summary, footnotes for difficult vocabulary, pinyin located at the end of each story, as well as an author introduction.  Audio files will also be included free of charge with each purchase of the book.  The audio files will include a male and female native speaker and will be available later this year. Capturing Chinese Stories: Prose and Poems by Revolutionary Chinese Authors has been requested by several Chinese professors to be used in their Chinese literature course.  Each new book in our series quickly becomes our favorite.  Some of the stories are absolute must reads for Chinese students.  The stories are famous throughout China and many make up the course syllabus of young Chinese students in Mainland China. Capturing Chinese Stories: Prose and Poems by Revolutionary Chinese Authors includes the following prose and poems: Zhu Ziqing Haste, Spring, The Silhouette of His Back, The Moonlit Lotus Pond, The White Man — God’s Proud Son, Thinking of Wei Woqing Lu Xun Excerpts from Wild Grass: Epigraph, Autumn Night, Hope, and The Evolution of the Male Sex Hu Shi Mr. Almost Man, My Mother, and In Memory of Zhimo Lin Yutang My Turn at Quitting Smoking Zhou Zuoren The Aging of Ghosts ISBN: 978-0-9842762-3-3 If you would like an email update when the book is available then make sure to join our mailing list by adding your email at the top right corner of this page. Cheers, Kevin and the Capturing Chinese team

    Ah Q The Real Story - Next Book is in the works

    Good morning everyone! For the past few months I have been putting together the materials for the next book in the Capturing Chinese series. Again the author is Lu Xun, but this book will contain only one story. Ah Q The Real Story is Lu Xun's longest and the story is quickly becoming one of my favorites. During the process of writing, I read the story over and over so having a good story is very important. Lu Xun's Ah Q is witty and sometimes downright hysterical. His satire is right in your face. I am currently on track to publishing the book in early 2011 as planned and am very excited to share this next book with the Capturing Chinese audience. Currently our Chinese audio files are available if you are interested in starting to read the story early. You can find the audio files here. Please be patient as these books require tons of work. We are also compiling ideas for future publications. Do you have an author or story that you really love and would like to see made available in the Capturing Chinese series? Leave us a comment below! Kevin

    Interview with The China Beat

    On March 25th, 2010 Kate Merkel-Hess of The China Beat interviewed Kevin Nadolny regarding Capturing Chinese. You can read the entire interview at the link below. Capturing Chinese With Help from Lu Xun The China Beat is a gold mine of current news about China. Check out their other posts and subscribe to their feed to keep in touch. The reason for the delay in publishing this news about the interview is because Kevin recently got a promotion for his job in Japan from what they call in Japanese アルバイト (part-time worker) to 正社員 (real employee). The promotion is huge because Japanese companies are awfully hard to formally join unless you graduate from a Japanese university and then join the company right after graduation.

    Chinese Short Stories

    Now available on Amazon worldwide

    We are pleased to announce that Capturing Chinese Short Stories from Lu Xun's Nahan is now available throughout the world. Check out the appropriate link for you country to get you copy.

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    October 15, 2009 - - Author, Kevin Nadolny, has published Capturing Chinese: Short Stories From Lu Xun’s Nahan, an original approach to help students break into reading Chinese literature without the usual frustration of looking up obscure characters, misunderstanding historical events, and not knowing the background of the story. Starting with no background in Chinese, Kevin Nadolny has spent the past eight years mastering Mandarin Chinese studying both at US schools and in Beijing.  After going through many struggles during his own education, he has written a book designed to lessen the hardship on intermediate and advanced students breaking into reading Chinese literature. “I would spend hours looking up characters in the dictionary by radical.  A few pages in a novel would take me a day to read.  I just knew there had to be a better way to read Chinese literature, but no books were available to bridge the gap between textbook stories and original literature,” said Kevin Nadolny, author of Capturing Chinese: Short Stories From Lu Xun’s Nahan.  Kevin took this disappointment in Chinese textbooks and wrote his own book designed for students going through these same struggles. According to Columbia professor of Chinese, Liu Liping, “as reading material for the students who are learning Chinese and interested in Chinese literature and culture, your book [Capturing Chinese] is amazing and special!” Capturing Chinese utilizes the work of Lu Xun whose works continue to influence modern China and whose characters frequently appear in analogies for current events and in Chinese idioms.  While Lu Xun is the pioneer of writing in vernacular Chinese, his stories can still be quite difficult even for the Chinese.  In Capturing Chinese, footnotes highlight the more difficult vocabulary and pinyin is provided for the entire text. There is no need to constantly consult a dictionary or look up difficult characters by radical. Historical events, people and places are explained throughout and illustrations recreate the scenes. Capturing Chinese: Short Stories from Lu Xun’s Nahan is now available at www.capturingchinese.com and www.amazon.com. About the author The author has been studying Chinese for the past eight years.  Starting with no background in the language he has gone on to master the language.  Disappointed with the quality of intermediate and advanced Chinese books, he wrote this book focused on easing the intermediate/advanced student into reading some of China’s best literature.  He currently lives with his Chinese-speaking Japanese wife in Tokyo Japan. About Capturing Chinese Publications LLC Capturing Chinese Publications LLC is an academic press focused on bringing more quality Chinese textbooks to market.  They pride themselves on offering their customers quality books that will improve their Chinese and on offering their authors substantial royalties to show that their hard work is greatly valued.