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    Capturing Chinese — video

    Video on Kong Yiji

    Kong Yiji is one of my favorite stories from Lu Xun's Nahan. Here is a video acting out the story of Kong Yiji. It's useful for practicing with your listening skills. Read the story, and then listen to the video without the text in front of you and repeat until you're understanding the whole video.

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    An introduction to Lu Xun

    As additional Chinese practice while reading Capturing Chinese: Short Stories from Lu Xun's Nahan, it might be helpful to watch this video introducing Lu Xun.  Read the introduction in Capturing Chinese and read 呐喊-自序 and then watch this video.  Some of the text is quoted right out 呐喊 so it's good practice. I hope you find this video helpful in your studies and look out for more posting to come.

    Video on Lu Xun's Medicine

    Medicine is one of Lu Xun's most famous stories.  A story about parents trying to save their son from tuberculosis.  They go to extreme lengths looking for a cure and spend a hefty sum of silver in the process.  It's a sad story but a great one.  Find the Chinese text on this website or follow along in your copy of Capturing Chinese: Short Stories from Lu Xun's Nahan.  Watching these videos while reading along is excellent practice.  Enjoy.