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    Capturing Chinese — Chinese MP3

    MP3 files available

    After a lot of hard work, the audio files are available online.  We have made a discount of 50% for all our learning aides for orders over $9.99.  The idea is to encourage our readers to use these extra resources while reading Capturing Chinese. While listening to these MP3s, I found myself quoting verbatim from Lu Xun.  Some of the more memorable phrases got stuck in my memory and I couldn't help but say them aloud.  This ability to "stick" is exactly why these audio files are so helpful.  You can listen to these stories on a walk, on a drive, or while reading along. We have also made these MP3 files  without any pirating software.  You are free to download them and use them on any device you wish.  Nothing bugs me more when I can't listen to my music after buying it.  However, your patronage is what makes these audio files available.  With your continued support we will be creating additional audio files of popular stories.  If you have a recommendation leave us a comment and we'll be sure to look into it.